Dollar Shmollar

“What we think is money is but a grand illusion. The reality is debt. In fact, if everyone paid back all that was borrowed, there would be no money left in existence.” -C. Edward Griffin, author of The Creature From Jekyll Island

Yep. What he said.

If that doesn’t make sense to you then you are in the right place, my friend. What he is basically saying is that the actual value of a dollar is almost nothing. This is because we went off the gold standard a while back and continue to print dollar bills like there is no tomorrow. The problem with this is that the dollar used to represent a certain amount of gold. It was backed by gold, which gave it value because of the limited resource that gold is. The second we went off the gold standard, there was no longer anything backing the dollar, meaning that this resource was limitless. In other words, we (the U.S.) could print as much money as we wanted. BUT by doing this, we inflated the dollar. With every extra dollar that was brought into this world, the value of the dollar dropped.

Today the dollar is worth less than two dimes in buying power. The only reason people see a dollar as the value of a dollar is because of old beliefs. The second they realize that their fortune of cash is actually worth 80-90% less than they realized is when the true value of the dollar, which is very small now, will catch up with us.

So how do you win? Stop just saving cash and go put your money in assets. More specifically, assarites!


How to Stop Being A Fucking Pleb

You are a pleb because you choose to be. Every single dollar we receive is an opportunity to do the right thing. We hold the power to choose our future: to be rich, middle class or poor. What makes that difference?

Our habits with money and our financial knowledge.

Our spending habits are just a reflection of who we are. So you can see how poor people just have poor spending habits, while rich people have good spending habits. They are in control of their money.

So all you have to do is change your spending habits. How?

Invest in financial education. And no, not a college education, not an MBA, etc. A financial education has nothing to do with a professional education, which is what school is. A financial education means learning about how money works, how to control money and move money. It has to do with knowing how to read financial statements and understanding tax laws. It has to do with learning to market and sell. All of these things help raise your financial IQ level. If you want to be rich, this is the bet way to do it. Learn as much as you can about it and don’t stop. Read great books, go to seminars, attend webinars, listen to podcasts, audiobooks, etc. Learning about how to be rich will give you the tools you need to make this a reality.

Getting loans Without Banks

It doesn’t take a single dime of your own money to make money. Especially when you use OPM (other people’s money)! Here is a link to a page on BiggerPockets where you can find hundreds of hard money lenders in the U.S.A. for your investing purposes:

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 2.31.34 PM.png

It is actually pretty simple to get loans without the help of a bank. One way is by borrowing from private lenders and lending companies. I have been looking for a while for a list like this and now that I found one, I’m sharing it here for all you fellow YRH members out there hustling! I hope this helps! Let’s get it!

ps- I am not sponsored by them in any way. I just like their site and their podcast. They are all about Real Estate investing and it is a great place to learn all about it. 🙂

Nobody’s Actually Doing That!

We often see all these “tips” that financial ‘experts’ throw around, such as “Keep a budget” and “Stop spending money on lattes” But have you ever stopped to think about whether or not their advice makes any sense? Most of it doesn’t – why? Because experts love to tell people what to do…but nobody is actually doing it. Quite possibly not even them! Just because they are good at marketing themselves as experts and talking about money doesn’t mean that they actually do what they advise. How many of us have heard the saying, “Do as I say, not as I do.” Same concept.

The reason people don’t do these things is because even though they have heard it before, they would rather have the coffee. Most people are also really bad at keeping budgets and they will just increase it when they want to spend more money, instead of being strict with themselves. Then they will justify it as a necessary expense and complain about not making enough money.

So stop listening to the so-called ‘experts’ as much, and start questioning everything they say. Not because it might be wrong in general, but because it might be the wrong advice for YOU specifically. It’s your life. Decide for yourself.

Plus, as you will see on this site, YRH members do things differently than the experts and everyone else. We don’t focus on the conventional advice. We focus on the 20% that is going to most efficiently and effectively get us to our results. Average people focus on the 80% that will only get them maybe 20% of the results they were hoping for. If you want to be average then follow the average advice. If not, you’ll have to go against the grain- which is way more fun. That’s why YRH is here!

Welcome to the YRH Lifestyle!

You are in for some big, crazy stuff here! This site is going to shatter your old beliefs into a billion tiny pieces.

want to retire in 5-10 years? Easy.

Want to start a completely outsourced business to pay your expenses while you just chill? No problem.

Want to live like a millionaire without needing a million dollars? Simple.

Or maybe you want to be a millionaire? Very do-able.

All of these things are much easier to do than you might think. Literally anybody can do these things. It’s just that they don’t. But here at YRH we DO!

The members of YRH are HUNGRY! And we are getting it done out there in the world! And you can too. All you need is a little more knowledge and badassity. 🙂

Ass & Assarites

Assarites are something every single person should know and understand.

This word came up for me one time when I was helping a fellow Young Rich Hungry (YRH) member understand assets. Most people know what an asset is. For anyone who doesn’t, here is the definition straight from Google itself:

Asset: a useful or valuable thing, person, or quality. Property owned by a person or company, regarded as having value and available to meet debts, commitments, or legacies. Military equipment, such as planes, ships, communications and radar installations, employed or targeted in military operations.

The problem with this definition of an asset is that people still don’t understand what a true asset is. They use this word to call their investment in the stock market an asset right alongside their car. And they’re right. Technically, these are both assets. But one makes you money while the other loses you money. One acts like future income while the other acts like future expenses and even a liability.

This is one reason that people don’t get rich. They are confused about what is an asset that is making them money each month versus an asset that is losing them money each month. The reason for all of this confusion is in the word, “asset”. It is the word used for both things that make you money and things that lose money, because it just means something valuable. Most things have some value. Even my chair has some value. Does that make it an asset? Yes, technically. But does it make me any money? No. I might sit in it and work on activities that make me money, but it does not make me a single penny. In fact, I lost money on it because I had to buy it in the first place (but at least if you bought it through your business it is tax free).

This is where an assarite comes in. An assarite is an asset that directly makes you money. For example, Real Estate rental units bringing in $400/mo in rental income, or your e-commerce business making $10,000/mo, or $2,500 in income from interest in your stock market portfolio. Whatever it is, it directly makes money.

Here are some things that are NOT assarites: your car, your primary residence (unless you are renting out rooms or something & makes you at least enough per month to cover all monthly expenses of the house), your food, your insurance, clothes, computers, office materials, etc. All of these things are assets, but they do not directly put money into your pocket. They are all expenses that take money out of your pocket. Therefore, they are assets, but not assarites.

This is important here to YRH members because they know that the assets you want to be building up for financial freedom are assarites. They want to focus on buying and creating assets that will directly make them money.

Most people (non YRH members, of course) can’t tell the difference between an assarite and a liability. They don’t make the distinction that there are two types of assets: assets that make you money (assarites) and assets that lose you money.

Be smart like us here at YRH. Focus on building up your assarites and that is the way to great wealth.


Stop Trying to Increase Your Income! (what?)

That’s right! Stop putting all of your focus into increasing your income. You don’t need a bigger paycheck. What you need is a bigger asset column (an assarite column more specifically)!

If you focus on creating and buying more assarites, then your income will naturally increase as a result. In fact, it will increase a lot more over time than a pay raise every once in a while.

You might argue, “But if I make more income then I can have more money to invest into assarites.”

True. BUT. There are some downfalls to this strategy.

  1. You get taxed 50% by the government. Income taxes plus your social security ‘tax’ means that you work at least 5 months of every year for the government. You may get to use that social security money later on in life, but you aren’t getting that income right now and it gets taken out before you even see it, so it is considered a tax here in the YRH community. And the more money you make in income from your job, the more you are taxed. That usually doesn’t leave much left to invest after expenses because most people (obviously non-YRH members) increase their spending levels to the amount of their income, no matter what they are making.
  2. You don’t need a ton of money to invest it into assarites. In fact, if you have a solid financial education (which most people don’t) then you know that you don’t actually need any money to make money. You just need to know what you are doing… which is why you are here at YRH in the first place. 🙂
  3. It is easier and more motivating to focus on building up assets to increase your income than it is to focus on earning more income to increase your assets.

Earning a high income is not bad. In fact, it is good if you are a YRH member because you can put that money to work for you! The problem is, most people are terrible money managers and they have bad financial habits that keep them poor forever, such as spending as much as (or more than) they make. For most people, a high paying job is not going to help them any more than a minimum wage job because of their awful money habits.

If you want to make some real money, then you have to put your effort and focus into your asset column and stop obsessing so much over how much income you are earning. If you focus on building your assarites up then soon their income will make what you are making at your job. Then you can dramatically quit your job and light your boss’s car on fire, and become a full-time assarite builder! But only as long as you can control your spending, which seems to be painfully difficult for most.

This is how you become rich! Not by working away at a boring ass job for 40587408 years  of your life until you retire at 80 and die a year later. That is what everyone else does and how’s it working out for them? Exactly. I don’t know about you but I want to enjoy my life, not dread every day because I have to go to work or else my family goes without dinner type of shit.

Choose to be rich. But you have to be hungry! You’re young and now is when you have plenty of energy. Take it from miss YRH herself. Start now. Start small. Keep it up all you YRH members out there! Keep grinding!

Ps- if you don’t know what an assarite is (pronounced ass- ah- right) then you might never become rich. That’s why I wrote about it in my post Ass & Assarites.