Stop Trying to Increase Your Income! (what?)

That’s right! Stop putting all of your focus into increasing your income. You don’t need a bigger paycheck. What you need is a bigger asset column (an assarite column more specifically)!

If you focus on creating and buying more assarites, then your income will naturally increase as a result. In fact, it will increase a lot more over time than a pay raise every once in a while.

You might argue, “But if I make more income then I can have more money to invest into assarites.”

True. BUT. There are some downfalls to this strategy.

  1. You get taxed 50% by the government. Income taxes plus your social security ‘tax’ means that you work at least 5 months of every year for the government. You may get to use that social security money later on in life, but you aren’t getting that income right now and it gets taken out before you even see it, so it is considered a tax here in the YRH community. And the more money you make in income from your job, the more you are taxed. That usually doesn’t leave much left to invest after expenses because most people (obviously non-YRH members) increase their spending levels to the amount of their income, no matter what they are making.
  2. You don’t need a ton of money to invest it into assarites. In fact, if you have a solid financial education (which most people don’t) then you know that you don’t actually need any money to make money. You just need to know what you are doing… which is why you are here at YRH in the first place. 🙂
  3. It is easier and more motivating to focus on building up assets to increase your income than it is to focus on earning more income to increase your assets.

Earning a high income is not bad. In fact, it is good if you are a YRH member because you can put that money to work for you! The problem is, most people are terrible money managers and they have bad financial habits that keep them poor forever, such as spending as much as (or more than) they make. For most people, a high paying job is not going to help them any more than a minimum wage job because of their awful money habits.

If you want to make some real money, then you have to put your effort and focus into your asset column and stop obsessing so much over how much income you are earning. If you focus on building your assarites up then soon their income will make what you are making at your job. Then you can dramatically quit your job and light your boss’s car on fire, and become a full-time assarite builder! But only as long as you can control your spending, which seems to be painfully difficult for most.

This is how you become rich! Not by working away at a boring ass job for 40587408 years  of your life until you retire at 80 and die a year later. That is what everyone else does and how’s it working out for them? Exactly. I don’t know about you but I want to enjoy my life, not dread every day because I have to go to work or else my family goes without dinner type of shit.

Choose to be rich. But you have to be hungry! You’re young and now is when you have plenty of energy. Take it from miss YRH herself. Start now. Start small. Keep it up all you YRH members out there! Keep grinding!

Ps- if you don’t know what an assarite is (pronounced ass- ah- right) then you might never become rich. That’s why I wrote about it in my post Ass & Assarites.

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