Young Rich Hungry is here for you where life isn’t. In other words, no one ever knows what the fuck to do with their money (or lack of it) after they get out of school. Most people don’t even care. But if you want to be rich you have to care and try. No one seems to give good financial advice to 20somethings. It is always like “work really hard and save up until you die and maybe retire if there is enough money left over from slaving your life away”. Fuck that! No one wants to slave away for the rest of their lives in some boring job kissing the boss’s balls every day. I’m good.

So that’s where this site comes in. 🙂 This site is going to show you everything that no one else shows you about money. You are going to actually know how to manage your money and be a badass while doing it! People are going to wonder how you are doing it all… but they will never know until they join the Young Rich Hungry (YRH) community and become a member of our badassity. If you want to become a YRH member then check out the blog to immerse yourself in the YRH culture called ‘do your life and your money YOUR way! … And be awesome.’